The perfect Aphrodisiac

The ultimate bedroom eyes escort, Opal is sexiness personified, cheeky with stunning looks. This sexy vixen is colourful and fun filled, you wont ever find you have a moment to spare when you are in her company. She has the confidence and ability to transform herself to suit almost any sensual or erotic desire you have, passion comes from the heart. Role-play is her thing and she can be the naughty maid or bad school girl. Just remember when the lights go down, this vivacious woman can give passion a whole new meaning, she is all about excitement, seduction and fantasy.

Opal 116 (6)
Opal 116 (5)
Opal 116 (4)
Opal 116 (3)
Opal 116 (2)
Opal 116 (1)
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