Cool like ice. Hot like fire.

Classy, cool, and extremely stylish, if you need a sexy socialite to introduce you to Bangkok’s naughty night spots Yoko is your perfect partner. She’s also a prime piece of eye candy and the kind of date that will have everyone jealous, ogling her killer curvy figure, long legs, and hot outfits. But Yoko is best enjoyed in the privacy of your hotel room, where she can show off her kinky collection of skimpy nighties, lacy lingerie, and slutty high heels.  

Yoko 315 (4)
Yoko 315 (3)
Yoko 815 (8)
Yoko 815 (10)
Yoko 815 (11)
Yoko 815 (12)
Yoko 815 (9)
Yoko 815 (7)
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