Ultimate playmate/ultimate experience for the discerning gentleman, Yumi is a goddess and everything that you are looking for. She is very playful, adoring and attentive. Yuri is a very open minded you woman, don't be afraid to ask she is here to make sure you enjoy the best. Her uncanny charm will win you over in a flash. she bodies grace and elegance unsurpassed and unheard of for someone of so few years. Yuri has a hypnotically wide smile, kissable lips which will leave you helpless to her whims and fantasises. Mannered until such time her manners and your respect sail out of the window.

Yumi 416 (6)
Yumi 416 (5)
Yumi 416 (4)
Yumi 416 (3)
Yumi 416 (2)
Yumi 416 (1)
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